Simple TMG Perfromance Tweaks using DNS

Boosting TMG Performance through simple DNS tweaks

TMG uses Its own Built-in Name resolution Cache, Then it fails back to DNS, then it fails back to Netbios Name Resolution. Accordingly below are some DNS related methods that can be used to optimize TMG Performance

  1. TMG Perfroms Forward and backward name resolution for Firewall Rules, so pay attention to the effeciency of its access to the DNS server
  2. DISABLE Netbios broadcasts on all network cards. Netbios resolution fails back to a broadcast which takes a very long time, leaving the request pending during that time. The best way to perform this is the following registry value
     Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesNetBT
     Name: NodeType
     Type: REG_DWORD
     Value: 2
  3. It is preferable to dedicate a name Server for each TMG Server Array
  4. Put the internal adapter on top of the adapters list, and configure it to use an internal DNS Server
  5.  Do not configure Other adapters with DNS Servers