SharePoint Servers Time-zone

This is a small note. Please make sure that all servers belonging to the same farm are actually on the same time-zone.

I had a very strange issue where performing any actions on a farm server would not be executed (as far as I saw it initially). I was trying to start or stop services on a server and it just hang on starting or stopping state on that specific server forever (it turned out later that it is not forever it’s just two hours). I tried to rebuild the farm three times and every time it is the same issue. So what I done is I created the farm on a server and finalized all configuration on that server and then added the second one just to overcome the fact that I cannot do this once I added the second server.

Then the real problem surfaced when I started to deploy solutions to this farm, it told me that the solution deployment is scheduled after two hours, strange!!!

I then checked and BAM the servers are not on the same time zones and the difference between them is two hours. so that’s why it would take 2 hours for a change to be propagated from one server to the other.


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