App-V 4.6 step by step installation guide: Part 3



3 App-V Server Deployment

3.1 Pre-installation

3.1.1 Create AD groups

Create the following groups in AD

App-V Admins

App-V Users

3.1.2 Create content share

Create shared folder on the management servers and share them with the below permissions for NTFS and share permissions

App-V_admins: Full control

App-V_users: read only

Msappv: read only

Network Service: Read permission

3.1.3 install management server prerequisites

Install IIS 7 and make sure the below are selected

· ASP.NET (and all its required role services and features)

· Windows Authentication

· IIS Management Scripts and Tools

· IIS 6 Management Compatibility






Install and wait for the installation to complete and click close



Install .Net framework from features from add new feature wizard




3.1.4 install management server

open the application virtualization splash and choose to install management server role




Accept the license agreement and click next


Choose Use Microsoft updates when I check for updates and click next




Enter the registration information and click next



Choose the Typical installation to install Management Web Service, Management Console and Management services.



In the configuration database page, please scroll till you see the SQL cluster name created for this implementation and click next.


Choose to create a new database and click next



Click next in the certificate page



(Note: You can choose to use RTSPS only when you install the certificate. In this case, I’m only using RTSP)

Leave the default RTSP port selected and click next




In the administrators group page, please choose the previously created group (App-V Admins) and click next



In the app-v users page, please select the previously created group (App-V Users) and click next




In the content path page, please enter the content path



Be sure to select the network path where the content share will be. If you select by mistake another path, please follow the steps in the below KB to relocate to new location

How to relocate the content directory for Microsoft app-v



Click finish. Restart your server.



When you try to connect to your server for the first time, you may get the below error


The resolution to that is to add the user you’re logging in with to the app-v admins group and it should open as below.

Follow the same steps to install the second management server, and be sure to select the same content path you provided in the first server deployment.

The final step is to go to the services console and change the app-v service logon name to the App-V service account if you want to use service account instead of Network Service. Once this service account is change, please follow the steps in this guide to create the required SPN


To be continued..