Operations Manager 2007 R2 Installation and Configuration (Step by Step) – Part 6 “Installing Data Warehouse Database”

In this post series I went through step by step into System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 starting from “Pre-Build”, then I continued with “Installing Operations Manager Database”, followed by another post “Installing Root Management Server”, then “Configure GPO for SCOM”, lately followed by “Configuring SQL Reporting Service”,

In this post I will cover the installation of Data Warehouse Database that is store all Data for Operations Manager Reporting.

Steps are as the following:

Step Description Screenshot
  SQL 2008 Reporting Service should be installed and configured before starting Operations Manager 2007 R2 Reporting installation,

Use local administrator privileges to log on to SQL Server. This account must also have system administrator privileges on the instance of SQL Server that will host the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Reporting database

1. Launch SetupOM.exe from installation folder. Click Pre-requisites under Prepare. Select data warehouse and confirm it passes all pre-requisite tests. Then click Close. Under Install click Install Operations Manager 2007 R2 Reporting. clip_image002[4]
2. On the Welcome page, Click Next clip_image004[4]
3. On the End-User License Agreement page, accept the agreement and then click Next. clip_image006[4]
4. On the Product Registration page, provide the User and Organization names and Click Next clip_image008[4]
5. On the Custom Setup page, Select Data Warehouse and Reposting Server as Available locally and Click Next. clip_image010[4]
6. On the Connect to the Root Management Server page, provide the RMS name (MIS_SCOM) and Click Next clip_image012[4]
7. On the SQL Server database Instance page, Select the Instance from the dropdown list and enter the SQL Server Port (1433 is the default). Then Click Next clip_image014[4]
8. On Database and Log File Options

1) Keep Database Name as default OperationsManagerDW.

2) Set the database size for example 200000 MB

3) Click Advanced.

9. (Optional if need to move Database Warehouse to different drive and Logs in different drive as recommended, however if there is no enough resources as in Coca Cola Egypt case then use the available disk drives) Under Look in: Select U: drive and under Folder name type U:Data

Click OK.

10. On the SQL Server Reporting Services Instance, Select the Instance from the dropdown list and Click OK clip_image020[4]
11. On the Data Warehouse Write Account page, Provide the DWHWrite credentials and Click Next

This account was created before

12. On the Data Reader Account page, Provide the DWHRead credentials and Click Next.

This account was created before.

13. On the Operational Data Reports page, Click No and then Click Next. clip_image026[4]
14. On the Ready to Install the Program page, Click Install clip_image028[4]
15. On the following page, Click Finish clip_image030[4]

In the coming post I will go through the steps to installing Audit Collection Service…

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