Removing SCOM Management Pack Dependencies

In my previous post (Deleted SCOM Default Management Pack),  I have discussed that how to restore your complete SCOM Console view, if the Default Management Pack is deleted somehow. Here I am discussing how to avoid this deletion and how to remove those Management Packs which have dependencies on Default Management Pack. When you create an override and don’t save it to a custom Management Pack it will by default save to the Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationsManager.DefaultUser.xml management pack.

Here is how you can remove the dependencies on a Management Pack. But first of all please take backup you Management Packs.

  1. Download and install Microsoft’s XML notepad
  2. Export the Default management pack to any folder you like. This will export it into an XML file. Back this file up before making changes to it.
  3. Open the XML file in XML Notepad
  4. Expand the management pack in the left window to Management Pack->Manifest->References.

  1. Look in each sub-folder named Reference for the Management pack that you are trying to remove. Once you find it Delete the Reference folder.
  2. Import the Default XML file back into the console.
  3. Now you can delete the required Management Pack.


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