InfoPath Forms Options in SharePoint 2010 (Step by Step Guides)


InfoPath is a powerful tool for creating data entry and information gathering forms; it can apply business logic to the collected data; with complex information structure.

And the beauty comes when this forms technology integrates with SharePoint by providing the ability to create forms for SharePoint lists and workflows; InfoPath form templates could be published to a SharePoint environment and the form could be rendered in a browser using wizards without writing code.

In this post and related posts am trying to list the most common options for using InfoPath in SharePoint 2010 with sample creation in step by step related posts to better understand each option.

Here I will list the options for InfoPath usage in SharePoint 2010:


  • InfoPath in SharePoint lists

Developers have two design choices available when creating applications that will incorporate InfoPath forms for SharePoint lists.

1) List form: which stores the information captured in the form directly in a SharePoint list,

2) Document-based InfoPath form: that stores the information captured in the form as a structured XML file. These document-based forms are hosted in SharePoint form libraries. And you can benefit from Property Promotion and Demotion features for promoting and demoting document data to and from columns in a SharePoint library.

InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2010 (Document based and list based forms) Step by Step samples and comparison

  • InfoPath and content types:

InfoPath forms can be used to associate forms into content types also you can map fields in library content types into associated InfoPath forms fields, not forgetting utilizing InfoPath form with business connectivity service to work with line business data.

InfoPath and content types Step by step post coming soon …

  • Workflow forms:

You can use InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2010 related workflow like Initiation, association or task forms for workflows; this can be used in SharePoint Designer 2010 or in custom visual studio workflows.

InfoPath with workflows

  • Customizing MS Office Document Information Panels using InfoPath form.


Figure 1 : Sample information panel in MS word

InfoPath and MS Office document information panels

  • Embedding InfoPath form into SharePoint pages directly using InfoPath form web part


Figure 2 : InfoPath Form web part

Embedding InfoPath form in SharePoint pages Step by step post coming soon …

  • Convert InfoPath hosted in SharePoint into web page using conversion services.

Conversion services and InfoPath Step by step post coming soon …


Figure 3 :conversion services for InfoPath Forms 


I recommend following each related step by step posts to better understand each option, they are really simple but it clarifies the usage for InfoPath in SharePoint 2010.

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