InfoPath with Workflows in SharePoint 2010


Workflow related Forms in SharePoint 2010 lists can be created and customized using InfoPath forms with addition to the ASP.NET custom forms, in this post we will cover types of workflow forms in SharePoint 2010 then we will create a sample initiation form using InfoPath with step by step sample for creating a submit request form, this post is related to the main post of InfoPath Forms Options in SharePoint 2010 .

First of all we will describe the types of workflow forms in SharePoint 2010:

Initiation Forms

Initiation forms are displayed to users when they initiate a workflow on a specific SharePoint item. it can be used to let users send parameters to workflow instance or specify additional parameters or information about the workflow.


Association Forms

Association forms are displayed to administrators when they first decide to add or associate a workflow with a particular list, document library, or content type. You can use association forms to let an administrator specify parameters, default values, and other information for the workflow as it applies to items on the list, library, or content type with which the administrator is associating it.


For more information, see Workflow Association and Initiation Forms

Modification Forms

Modification Forms enable users to alter workflow at specific points while it runs on an item. The options you present to users in this way are called modifications. You can then create modification forms that enable users to specify the parameters of the modification. For more information, see Workflow Modification Forms.


Task Forms

Task Forms You can also specify custom forms for the tasks in your workflow. Because tasks are SharePoint items that are assigned a content type, however, the content type actually determines the custom forms used with the task type. For more information, see Workflow Task Forms.


In next post we will create sample initiation form with step by step example to create new workflow instance

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