Operation Tasks for Monitoring & Maintaining SharePoint environment



Below are the operational tasks which should be done on a regular basis, . There is still work to be done on deciding who will perform each task.

Daily Tasks

The following tasks should all be carried out on a daily basis:

  • Backup SQL Server Database
  • Backup Web Front End Servers
  • Backup MOSS Index
  • View Windows Event Log for Errors

Weekly Tasks

These tasks should be carried out every week:

  • View/Review custom reports – these are the SQL Reporting Services reports which show solution usage. These will help from a capacity planning perspective
  • View/Review search usage reports – these are the SSP search report
  • View/Review Profile import log
  • View/Review Crawl logs

Monthly Tasks

Take care of these tasks once a month:

  • Defragment SQL Indexes
  • Monitor SharePoint Server’s free disk space – this is to ensure enough disk space as index grows
  • Monitor SQL SAN Storage – this is to pre-empty ordering of more disk space
  • Manage best bet results and keywords
  • Review and monitor usage reports

As Needed

The following tasks should be performed as necessary; however, they are frequently also covered by standard procedures:

  • Configure Search settings for more relevant results e.g. thesaurus, keywords, adjust global search advanced search page etc
  • Configure/Maintain Search Scopes
  • Configure/Maintain Content Sources
  • Configure/Maintain Indexing Schedules
  • Configure Profile Properties
  • Configure Profile Importing Schedule and settings
  • Configure Audiences
  • Manage the Global Navigation
  • Manage Administrative Permissions
  • Manage file size limits
  • Manage site quotas
  • Manage usage confirmation settings
  • Recover content (content depends on reason for recovery)
  • Change service account passwords in SharePoint
  • Disseminate general SharePoint info
  • Monitor the size of content databases and create new ones as required

Additional Tasks (may be farmed to a Server Operations Group)

The following tasks are general server-based tasks that may be executed by a server operations team (or other) and  not necessarily specific to SharePoint Server services .

  • Manages the Windows Server operation system
  • Manages system security
  • System patching and upgrades
  • Initial install and configuration of SharePoint
  • Deploy custom developed and third-party SharePoint solution packages
  • Hardware installation, maintenance, and support
  • Network support
  • Synchronization of portal with AD
  • Approve and activate custom developed and third-party SharePoint solution packages
  • Review and monitor System Center performance levels