WSPAD file is in bad format



I’ve been configuring TMG auto client proxy detection and it was failing. After researching it online and internally, didn’t find anything useful.

So when I installed the TMG client and run this test:

C:Program Files (x86)Forefront TMG Client>FwcTool.exe testautodetect
FwcTool version 7.0.7734.100
Forefront TMG Client support tool
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Action: Test the auto detection mechanism
Type: Default
Detection details:
Timeout is set to 60 seconds
Locating WSPAD URL on the Active Directory server
WSPAD object was found in the global Active Directory container
WSPAD URL found on the Active Directory server:

Initializing Web server connection
Resolving IP addresses for
Resolved 1 address(es):
Connecting to address #1:
Waiting for address #1 to connect
Address #1 successfully connected
Requesting wspad.dat file
Web server is connected and ready to send WSPAD file
Downloading WSPAD file
WSPAD file was downloaded successfully
WSPAD file is in bad format
Failed to detect Forefront TMG
Result: The command failed and was not completed.


So in able to fix that, I’ve changed the SCP from wpad to wspad using adsiedit (or you can use the tmgadconfig tool again with –f switch)


Hope this helps!