How to create Pin Authorization Normalization rule in Lync

I have got many requests on how to create Pin Authorization for specific users on lync to be able to dial international calls.

Here’s a sample case scenario and print screen of the normalization rule that meets this case:

– User has to type pin number before any dialed international number,  the pin number is #9090 and that will be shared with the user by the administrator in secured email.

Scenario  1: User want to dial 0097466040129 he just type it directly , notice the highlighted test result below call will not succeed as it’s not normalized:


Scenario 2:  User has to types the number in this format #9090009746040129 , notice the highlighted test result below the resulted number is +97466040129 call will succeed as it’s normalized correctly.


The above is just an example that can be tailored according to different environments.


 – The above normalization rule should be duplicated for pin+E164 typed numbers.

– Another normalization rule might be required to truncate the E164 numbers that are directly typed by users to bypass the pin enforcement. this rule will be deleting international numbers typed in E164 without the pin.

I hope it helps !

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