New Microsoft Certifications–to the next level!

Put your skills against the test, stay relevant, get a salary increase, and be motivated towards a goal!

Microsoft Certifications are continually updated, to help you keep your skills up to date in an ever-changing global IT environment. Microsoft Certifications are always kept current with more streamlined, solutions-based certification paths covering the latest trends in the industry.

Did you know? “having a Microsoft Certification sends a clear message to employers that you have proven skills in the latest technologies. For instance, a 2011 CompTIA study found that IT professionals gain an average 9% salary increase immediately after receiving certification, and 29% over the long term, versus peers who are not certified (, 2011-10-19). And in a 2010 survey of hiring managers, 91% said they consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring (Microsoft Learning, 2010).”

Check out the upcoming Private Cloud Certification and stay tuned for a Windows 8 Certification that is coming soon!

Good luck!