Internet Facing SharePoint 2010 Site with Windows Live ID – Part 6

Logging Out Of the Website

When the user logs in to the site using Windows Live authentication, he is effectively logging in into all Windows Live powered site, examples are Hotmail, SkyDrive…etc.

When logging out of the website, the decision becomes if the user should be logged out from the portal only, or from Windows Live as well.

Logging out from Windows Live

To log out from the portal and from Windows Live completely, the user should be redirected to the Windows Live logout URL.

The logout URL is as follows

Staging Windows Live URL:{siteid}&lru={siteurl}

Production Windows Live URL:{siteid}&lru={siteurl}

{siteid} and {siteurl} should be replaced with the Site ID and Site Url respectively.

The Site ID can be found in the Microsoft Services Manager website.


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