Windows Server 2012 – Part1: Release Date

I was so excited when I read today that Windows Server 2012 Release Date (RTM version) is the first week of August 2012 and the product will be generally available to customers worldwide in September 2012 as clearly announced in Windows Server Blog here  and for sure you still able to download Release Candidate (RC) version from here , so I decided to start a series of blog posts to in details the new powerful features in Windows 2012 that will continue putting Microsoft on the top of Servers Operating Systems, mainly I will focus in specific areas like:

  • Virtualization – With Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V virtualization role, Windows Server 2012 can help increase any IT environment server scalability and performance and provide better connectivity to cloud services.
  • Storage – Windows Server 2012 has a strong focus on storage from the foundation of the storage stack up with improvements in how storage is stored and provisioned.
  • Clustering and Availability – Windows Server 2012 has a strong focus on availability in how data is clustered and transferred across the network, and how that data is accessed and managed. With capabilities flexible enough to combine in different ways.

You will enjoy enhancements done in these areas in Windows Server 2012.

So be tuned for coming posts that will cover in details the above areas as part of this post series.


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