Managing Configuration Manager 2012 Client Cache

By default Configuration Manager 2012 client stores deployed packages in %windir%ccmcache folder and default disk space for cache folder is 5120 MB.

All deployed packages and also software updates will be keep in these default folder unless you specify custom location with installation options.

Regarding TechNet article please note that:

  • Do not encrypt cache folder. Configuration Manager cannot download content to an encrypted folder.
  • For the required programs, client does not automatically retry to download the content. You must redeploy the package.
  • For the required applications, client automatically retries to download the content when it next downloads its client policy.

One of the main concern about client cache is auto-empty mechanism. There are several scripts around the web that deletes client cache but be aware that client will not be notified so will try to use cached content if installation is not succeed yet.

If you configure the package properties with the option to persist content in the client cache, client does not automatically delete package content from cache.

Likewise you can specify following properties to configure caching options on clients:

  • DISABLECACHEOPT – If set TRUE, disables the ability of end users to change the client cache folder settings using Configuration Manager in Control Panel.
  • SMSCACHEDIR – Specifies the location of the client cache folder.
  • SMSCACHESIZE – Specifies the size of client cache folder in megabyte.

Please note that if you use SMSCACHESIZE option and the package would cause the folder to exceed the maximum size, package download fails.

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