Office Web Apps OWA and SP 2013 – Resource not found when viewing excel files

After installing SharePoint 2013 farm with OWA server I’ve faced an issue when viewing excel files online, and the weird thing that it happens in excel files only! Power point and word were working 100%!


Going to the discovery page for OWA located on http://officewebappServer/hosting/discovery to get the URL viewer for excel, I had the same resource not found issue! While other office document related viewer URLs give some sort of icon which mean that there is something wrong in EXCEL host web site in OWA server



Going to IIS and checking the virtual Directory and comparing that with Other installation for OWA and checking the url for excel viewer, I found that there is a missing virtual folder called X! This X is the responsible for excel viewing.



Just create the x on IIS site and point it into C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Web AppsExcelServicesWfe


X is giving the same Icon now which leads that…..


Issue is fixed Smile