Use Facebook as an Identity Provider for SharePoint 2013 – Part 4

At this stage, we are done with configuring the SharePoint Part


  • Go to your SharePoint Site Collection you created in part 3.
  • From the drop down list, select Facebook Authentication


  • You will be redacted to Facebook page to enter your credential – The good thing that you don’t share your credential with third party application 🙂
  • Click OK to make your Facebook Application access your public profile.


  • After clicking OK, watch the URL of your Internet Explorer; It will take you to Access Control Namespace URL and then redirect you again to you SharePoint Site Collection URL.


  • Now you are logged in to SharePoint using the Facebook credential with a full read access.




ACS provides us the capability to authorize our application through different public identity providers like Hotmail, Outlook, Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo which will save our time and effort to develop authentication application to connect to their APIs.

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