Small tip: Where is the XSD Definition Tab in Visual Studio 2012 with Host Integration Server 2013

Today I faced an issue that took me some time to figure out with Host Integration Server 2013. Usually when you develop transaction Integration (or application integration) with BizTalk server you require XSD schemas to be able to perform mappings and send messages using a send port. With Host Integration Server and up to 2010 version we did that by writing an application definition DLL within Visual Studio 2010 and then while you have the DLL description open in the designer you would click on the “XSD Definition” tab within your Visual Studio window as below:


Then you copy all contents of this tab into a newly created XSD schema in a BizTalk project.

Now the problem I faced was that this tab is missing in HIS 2013 🙁 So how can we do this. At first I thought that maybe this is an installation issue as I had in that environment HIS 2010 and VS 2010. But it was not. It turned out that now you simply save the DLL and VS 2012 automatically generates for you the XSD (along with many other things such as WCF and ASMX services) inside a bin folder. So Vola use that XSD.

Happy HISing 😉

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