Windows Azure Pack – Implementation Issue – G2 Hardware Profile could not be selected when create VM from sysprep vhdx

Another minor issue I found while stabilizing Windows Azure Pack IaaS environment, it was noted that when try to create standalone virtual machine by selecting a sysprep vhdx from gallery in WAP you could not select any of the available Hardware Profiles configured with Virtual Machine Generation-2, while all Hardware Profiles with Generation-1 can be selected normally, so I decided to troubleshoot the issue by creating a new Hardware profile with the same configuration like the one with Generation-2 that I could not select but this time I configured it to be with Generation-2 and add it to the plan used by the same tenant admin I test with, I found the new hardware profile can be selected which make me assure that the issue from Generation-2 configuration in the hardware profile, so I decided to raise the issue to Windows Azure Pack product community, so I was notified that it is by design and the only way to create Generation-2 VM from WAP is to create it from template not from sysprep vhdx.

So it is not an issue other than it is a restriction by design in current WAP version that prevent you to use Hardware Profile configured with Generation-2 VM when create standalone virtual machine using sysprep VHDX, and the only way to create Generation-2 virtual machine in WAP is to create it from template configured with Generation 2 VM settings.

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Good luck in your WAP implementation, and be tuned for more solved issues.