Migrating Performance Point To New SharePoint Site with different path


When you migrate SharePoint site to a different location that is in a different site structure with a different path the SharePoint content will be migrated with the content itself. But some components will not work as expected because the site URL structure is different.

One of these components is Performance Point content.

Performance point content contains relevant links to Performance Point Connections in the Connections library. Because the path is changed this relevant link will be not valid. Also the Dashboards will have Reference links to other Performance Point contents like KPIs, Reports, Score cards, …etc. These Reference links will not be valid also.

This will cause the performance point web parts in the dashboard pages to show error that the data source does not exist or you don’t have a permission.

Migration Steps

The migration procedure consists of two major steps:

1. Exporting Performance Point content and connections in a Dashboard Designer Workspace (ddwx) file from the Source environment.

2. Import the ddwx file in the destination environment.

Export Dashboard Designer Workspace (ddwx) file from Source environment

1. Launch PerformancePoint dashboard designer.

2. Click on the PerformancePoint content list.

3. Select all the items in the list (Ctrl-A)

Export Content_1


4. Click on “Add Items” button on the ribbon under workspace section.

Export Content_2


5. All Items should be Added to the workspace area as shown in the image below

Export Content_3

6. Apply the steps 2 to 5 for all the Performance Point Content Lists and Connections Lists

7. Save the workspace by clicking on the office button Save workspace as.

        Export Content_4


Import Dashboard Designer Workspace (ddwx) file in the destination environment

In this step you will need to import the ddwx file to your destination environment.

1. Launch PerformancePoint dashboard designer.

2. Click on Import Items

Import Content_1


3. Map Performance Point Items to the corresponding item in your destination environment.

Import Content_2

Import Content_3


4. Select “Import data sources that already exists in the destination” Click On Next

Import Content_4


5. Wait until import is completed. Make Sure that all items are updated with no errors.

Import Content_6


I faced an issue one time after I finished the migration process. I found that there are some reports and KPIs that have the connections links still not corrected.  I figured out that there were more than one performance point reports and KPIs that has the same name in the same content list. In this case I found that one of the reports that has the same name is updated the other report was not updated. It was the same case also for the KPIs.

In this case I had to recreate the reports and KPIs that was not updated.