DHCP Pool creation in SCVMM 2012R2


Hello Readers! I thought of to put some notes on how do we create DHCP pool in System center virtual machine manager 2012 R2 and let you all know how simple this can be done

To start with , for creating a DHCP Pool you require fabric administrator access in SCVMM.

DHCP pool is created in Fabric pane, under Networking , Logical Networks. The logical networks section will list all networks defined in SCVMM which has to be designed so that it maps to actual physical network structure in the environment.

On the menu bar, select the option create IP Pool an window as shown in figure 1 pops up, provide the Name, Description for the pool you want to create. Select the logical network under which the pool has to be created.


Under network site section, select “Use an existing network site” option if the network site is already defined in SCVMM or select ” create a network site” option if a network site has to be defined. Select “create a multicast IP address pool” option when you wanted to use multicast or broadcast option with the subnet which is a new feature introduced in SCVMM 2012 R2 / SCVMM 2012 SP1


In the next pane, provide the range of Ipaddress which are to be part of DHCP pool by mentioning Starting Ipaddress and Ending Ipaddress.

You can exclusively mention the Ipaddress which are to be reserved for load balancer VIPs which are between the selected range of IP’s in the section “IP addresses reserved for load balancer VIPs” and also if any Ipaddress to be reserved / used for some other purpose and are part of selected range of IP’s same can be reserved by mentioning the Ipaddress in the section “IP addresses to be reserved for other users”


In the next section, specify the gateway of the subnet as shown in below figure



In next section, provide the DNS servers and DNS suffix details which are to be used for the subnet



Review the settings, in the summary page and click finish


An job would be triggered in SCVMM for creating an IP pool in SCVMM and once completed pool created will be seen under the logical network it was created.


That’s all !! Very simple and ease to create DHCP pool in SCVMM and as well managing of IP’s is more automated with SCVMM when compared with normal windows server holding DHCP role.

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