Arabic Language Pack for SCSM Self Service Portal

Hi All,

one of the challenges we face in our region is providing users with their native Self Service Portal Language. Since Arabic is not part of built-in languages shipped with Service Manager Self Service Portal, we were looking into different options such as having 3rd party portal but not now 🙂

We spent some time looking into the files that SSP is using and located the language resource files which you can be used not only for Arabic, but for any other language that is not available in SCSM Self Service Portal.

In this post we will show you 2 things. First, how to filter the languages and keep required ones instead of having all languages available in the portal. Second, together we will configure Arabic Language pack for System Center Service Manager Self Service Portal to be such as below screenshot.

First: Show preferred languages (Remove unnecessary ones)

When you click on the language settings (Top Right  Corner) in Self Service Portal, by default 10 or more languages appear to select including Chinese, French, Japanese, … etc. to make it easier for users, it is preferred to show them the languages that they could use only.Follow the procedure below to make that happen:


1- Browse to (C:inetpubwwwrootSelfServicePortalViewsShared) folder

2- Edit (_Layput.cshtml) file using notepad or any other tool. (run as administrator) (Don’t forgot to backup the file and saving it somewhere else before editing it)

3- Search the file for “<ul class=lang_menu …”

4- Remove the lines for necessary languages and keep the ones you want your users to see. Remember to remove the whole line (from <li ——- to ——– </li>)

I removed all languages except English, French and Dutch

5- Refresh your portal …

Completed …. lets see how can we configure a new language pack 🙂



Second: Configure Arabic Language pack for SSP 

As mentioned before, this is not limited to Arabic as you can use it to configure any language you want but in this example we will talk about configuring Arabic language pack. follow the procedure below

1- Browse to (C:inetpubwwwrootSelfServicePortalViewsShared) folder

2- Edit (_Layput.cshtml) file using notepad or any other tool. (run as administrator) (Don’t forgot to backup the file before editing it)

3- Add the following line inside <ul class=”language_mune …

<li value=”ar-JO” tabindex=”12″>Arabic</li>

Note: ar-JO???? this is the Arabic Language code of  Jordan. For more info about different language code for countries read


4- Browse to folder (C:inetpubwwwrootSelfServicePortalApp_GlobalResources)

5- Copy file (SelfServicePortalResources.en.resx) to your local machine (where Arabic keyboard supported)

6- Rename file to be (

7- Edit the file using any tool (such as notepad++)

8- In the file you can find all words used … Translate it into Arabic … or download this translated file SelfServicePortalResources.ar_



9- Upload the file to the folder (C:inetpubwwwrootSelfServicePortalApp_GlobalResources)


10 – Refresh your browser and select Arabic Language from Language Settings tab.


NOTE: if you don’t have any Service Offering with (Arabic) language selected then you won’t see any offering. at least create one service offering and select language as Arabic then add some requests offering for it

Hope this would be useful … Thanks for reading

Mohamad Damati