Time zone issues when copying SCOM alerts


When trying to copy-paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) alerts from the SCOM console to an Excel worksheet or just a text file, we noticed that the Created field values where different from the ones displayed in the console. There was a two-hour difference.


As it turns out, the server was configured in a GMT+2 time zone, and the values got pasted in UTC. Hence the two-hour difference.


On each of the servers/workstations with SCOM console installed where you want to fix this, simply create the following registry key and value:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWAR\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\ConsoleViewCopySettings

Value: InLocalTime (DWord)

Data: 1

(Where 1 means that you want to have the values in your local time, and 0 means the default behaviour of UTC)



With some digging done by me and my colleagues using Procmon we where able to find out that the copy mechanism is trying to reach a non existing registry key and value.

So.. “When in doubt, run process monitor” – Mark Russinovich.

Hope this helps,

Oren Salzberg.

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