Windows Admin Center–Part 1 of Optimization Series


This is going to be the first in a series of posts on how to optimize your environment, with the tools provided by Microsoft at no cost to you.


Windows Admin Center which can be downloaded here is the Natural evolution and ultimate replacement for Server Manager.


It is a Free, single lightweight MSI download that uses Remote PowerShell and WMI over WinRM, to connect to, manage the devices (Windows Server 2008 R2– later, Windows 10) through the Windows Admin Center gateway installed on Windows Server or Windows 10


It Provides a Single plane of glass view, for performing multiple tasks across a range of Servers in your Environment, without having to use multiple tools anymore (MMC, Hyper-V Manager etc).




Today I am going to be looking at 3 features to help you as an Admin with running your infrastructure more effectively:


1. Managing Certificates like a Pro (easy as 1 – 2 – 3 )

2. Enabling your Nested Virtualization

3. Quickly Enable Azure Backup  ( under 5 minutes start to Finish)

Before we get started, we need to ensure that we have a list of the machines available that we want to manage


This can be done by either adding the Server names in manually




or adding a txt file with the server names in, for managing your entire environment




Now that we have added the servers, we connect to a Machine, and can start from there


1. Managing Certificates like a Pro (easy as 1 – 2 – 3 )


After selecting a machine to manage, select Certificates (step 1)




I Now have an overview of the Certs that are installed on the machine, and can view the number of expired Certs( or import new certs etc)


For this example, we are cleaning up expired Certs on the machine. Select Expired (Step 2)




Now once I have opened the expired Certs, I can now deleterequest renewal of the certs (step 3)




That is certificate management like a Pro.


From one pane of glass, I can easily manage the certs, quickly and effectively, without having to launch MMC – Certificates.


2. Enabling your Nested Virtualization


When selecting Virtual Machines, you will get a summary of the VM’s running on the ServerPC and the impact of that on the system




Now we select Inventory, then the Virtual machine we want to editmanage




Now select More – Settings from the Drop down list




Note : Remember that the VM must not be in a running State, else you cannot make changes to the Hardware of it


Select Processors – Enable nested virtualization




That simple.


Signing into Azure


For the Next Step you need to have already signed the Gateway in to your Azure Subscription

If you have not, the steps are listed below:


In Admin Center – Select the Gear Icon for Settings




Select Azure – Register




Follow the Steps to sign in, grant permissions to the Gateway App on the subscription.


3. Quickly Enable Azure Backup ( under 5 Minutes)

The Following Video, will guide you through setting up Azure Backup from scratch in under 5 minutes


Quickly enable azure backup


I hope that this will help you in getting used to and start using new Windows Admin Center.

Please check back later for Part 2 of the Blog

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