Field Notes: Cloud Management Gateway – Failed to provision cloud service


I recently had to setup the Cloud Management Gateway at a customer and followed all the steps and requirements to implement but still encountered the below error message which does not really give you an exact reason as to why it is failing.


In this post I would like to take you through the steps on how it was resolved.


I navigated to the Activity log on the Resource Group for the subscription and saw the below error –  the Microsoft.ClassicCompute resource provider is not registered.

Resource error

A resource provider is a service that supplies the resources that can be deployed and managed through ARM. Each provider has its own APIs for accessing and manipulating the service
Microsoft.Compute represents the Virtual Machine  resources.

And since the Configuration Manger CMG still requires this use of this Classic Provider, we need to enable it.

This can be done under “Resource Providers” in the subscription.

To register a resource provider on the subscription, follow these steps:

1. In the Azure portal, All Services > Subscriptions

2. Select the subscription being used

3. Click Resource Providers

4. Find Microsoft.ClassicCompute in the list of available resource providers and hit Register


Deleted the failed Cloud Management Gateway, re-created it, and everything deployed successfully…



So its seems that as of recently when creating a new Azure subscription (or at least a trial subscription for sure), it appears this resource provider is not automatically registered. As CMG requires it we can just manually register the provider as shown above or even use PowerShell or Azure CLI in this

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