Disable SCOM management pack on a group of agents

One of the advantages of the SCOM system is the accompanying Management Packs, these packages give us the ability to easily monitor all the system components automatically, but the monitoring by default is on all agents, what to do when you want to disable monitoring on some of the server group / Agents, for example, on test servers.

The way to disable discovery is to prevent the discovery of the base class in this Management Pack, when the selected member need to finds the Seed Class that would normally be Targeted to Windows Server.

In this list I have concentrated some of the basic Management Packs [In the future I will add more MPs] which shows the class name that we will set override = disable, for the test server group for example [group with Windows server objects] in one Override setting we disabled all discoveries for this group.

  • Windows Operating System MP >
    • Class name: “Windows Server 20XX Computer / Windows Server 20XX Operating System”
    • Discovery Name:  “Discover Windows 20XX Servers” Windows OS MP
    • Target: “Windows Server”
  • Exchange 20XX MP >
    • Class name: “Exchange 20XX <each resource name>”
    • Discovery Name:  “Exchange 20XX: Discover Microsoft Exchange Organization and Server objects”
    • Target: “Windows Server”
  • Windows Cluster MP >
    • Class name: “Windows Cluster Service”
    • Discovery Name:  “Windows Cluster Service Discovery”
    • Target: “health Service”
  • IIS MP >
    • Class name: “IIS <Version 7/8/10> Server Role”
    • Discovery Name: “IIS <Version 7/8/10> Role Discovery”
    • Target: “Windows Server 20XX Computer”
  • SQL Server MPs >   
    • Class name: “SQL Server 20XX Installation seed”
    • Discovery Name: MSSQQL 20XX:Disocver SQL Server 20XX DB Installation source (seed),
    • Target: Windows Server
  • MSSQL on Windows MPs >
    • Class Name: “MSSQL on windows: discover installation source (seed)”
    • Discovery Name: “MSSQL on windows: local discovery seed”
    • Target: Windows Server
  • Active Directory MP >   
    • Class name: “Windows Domain Controller”
    • Discovery Name:  “ Discover Windows Domain Controller”
    • Target: “Windows Computer”
  • Biz Talk Server All versions >
    • Class name: “BizTalk Installation”
    • Discovery Name:  “BizTalk Installation Discovery”
    • Target: “Windows Computer”
  • Dynamic CRM >
    • 2015:
    • Class name: “Microsoft Dynamic CRM Server 2011”
    • Discovery Name:  “Dynamics CRM Servers Seed Discovery”
    • Target: “Windows Server”
    • 2011:
    • Class name: “Microsoft Dynamic CRM Server”
    • Discovery Name:  “Dynamic CRM Server Seed Discovery”
    • Target: “Windows Server”
    • 4.0:
    • Class name: “Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0 <Role>”Dynamic CRM >
    • Discovery Name:  “Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0 Server
    • Target: “Windows Computer”
  • Scheduler Task >
    • Class name: “Microsoft Dynamic CRM Server”
    • Discovery Name:  “Dynamic CRM Server Seed Discovery”
    • Target: “Windows Server”
  • APM –   #Discovery .NET APM Agent >
    • Class Name: “.NET Application Monitoring Agent”
    • Discovery Name: “Discover of .NET APM Agent”
    • Target: “Windows Server”

Override APM Application discovery to add extensions, {Rule discovery} >

Class Name: “IIS X Web Server”
              Discovery Name: “IIS X Web Application Discovery”
              Target: “IIS X Web Server”