Azure Application Insight – Create Dashboard from several resources


Azure Application insight its solution to keeps track of Application performance and failures, user’s behavior and more.

For an introduction, here is a few words about the service:

Once the service is configured and the monitoring is turned on, the Telemetries transfer by ‘Instrumentation key’ is set, so the data stored by the service transfers the information to unique Azure Application Insight [AI] Resource,

Views in Application Insight Resource already made for us by default, at the click of a button you can open a full data screen On all aspects of the sample service – Application Dashboard

Application Insight resource > Application dashboard

This dashboard shows all the relevant information, the information includes Alert Link and State of the current Resource, Smart detection Link and Metrics on response times Failures of several users in Real time and more

Since it is recommended to separate monitored services to various Azure AI Resources, so that the data viewer to SME will be easy to understand and maintain the system.

When it is required to display the information link between several resources for administrators for example, or for specific Metrics in which we want to receive the information on a single screen, the default dashboard no use to us since, as has been said, the information only contains telemetries data sent to the current AI resource.


What to do when we need Application Dashboards to display Metrics and Alerts from difference resources?

Example of information we want to view in this dashboard: Alerts with state, request and availability metrics, number of failures in one tile, etc…


  • Create new Azure Dashboard
  • Add metrics
  • Configure alerts
  • Add links to Dashboard

New Azure Dashboard

In Azure Portal, Dashboard blade, New Dashboard.

Add metrics

Most of the data presented in the Application Dashboard is metrics:

Go to Az Portal, Application Insight Resource, and select the Metrics tab choose the one value you want to show on one of the Resource and add the Metrics

Now we can add another metric, but in the resource pane you can select another AI resource:

Before pinning you can edit the Subject so that it is clearly displayed on the screen to explain what is displayed

To add this metrics view to Dashboard, you must press on Pin to Dashboard

Built-in screens can’t change their title, some can’t even add multiple resources together, for example Application map link, can’t be joined together in one screen, but of course you can add two links..

Filter can be added to each screen, so that there is additional filtering ability in the information view.

for example, in this case I added filtering for a city request, after the change make Pin:

Configure Alerts

Now we need to Pin to dashboard the Alert screen.

But for the filter to be saved, you can only do that with the Classic alert

Go to Az portal, monitor blade, Alert, and press on “Here” in “Classic alert can be accessed from HERE”

On this screen leave the “Resource” Unfiltered and Pin to Dashboards:

After making the Pin to dashboards, we will see the following Blade in your Dashboard

You can add links to AI Search and other links but can only be set to a specific Resource.

Search in Az Dashboard, in Tile Gallery ‘Application Insights’ you can add Links to Dash.

However you can configure in link only one resource


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