Manually Importing Updates into WSUS

a Question that has been raised by quite a few customers is around importing updates into the SCCM environment, that are not available on WSUS, but are on Microsoft Update.

The below steps will guide you through the steps to get the updates into the environment quickly

As per the CVV articles that are released, there are usually a couple of updates you will have to manually import into WSUS, as they are listed on Microsoft Update, should you wish to get the updates deployed as soon as possible.

In this case we are referring to

The steps are as per below

In SCCM and WSUS verify that the update you want is not listed, in this case I am looking for (4522015)

On WSUS Server, select Updates, right-click – import updates (this will open a webpage to the site)

Select the KB you want and hit search

Now select the applicable ones to your environment – add to basket

View basket – ensure the “import directly into WSUS “ is enabled, then click import

Once it is completed, re-search through wsus for update

Now just sync WSUS (from within SCCM), and once done you can download\deploy the update

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