Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot

In this blog I will look at how to convert an existing corporate device to Autopilot.


Ensure you have an AD/AAD group that contains the existing corporate devices that you would like to target for Autopilot conversion.

  • Open the Azure portal and navigate to Microsoft Intune > Device enrollment > Windows enrollment
  • On the Device enrollment – Windows enrollment blade, select Deployment Profiles in the Windows AutoPilot Deployment Program section
  • On Windows AutoPilot deployment profiles blade, either select Create profile or select [existing deployment profile] > Properties
  • On the Create profile blade or the [existing deployment profile] – Properties  blade, the setting Convert all targeted devices to AutoPilot must be switched to Yes
  • On the Assignments blade, select the group that contains all the devices you would like to target

I will target the following device by adding it to the AD/AAD group:

Once the device is added to the targeted group you can confirm by navigating to Microsoft Intune > Device enrollment > Windows enrollment > Windows Autopilot Devices. The process takes a couple of minutes as it assigns the profile to the device.

When you select the device you will be able to confirm that the Profile is assigned and what profile was assigned:

Now that the device has been converted to Autopilot, the device can be reset. The AutoPilot Reset will only be available in the console once the device has been reset and gone through the Autopilot Deployment process once.
To test this newly added device I will reset the device by either doing a manual reset in Windows Settings or initiating a Wipe in Intune.
The device will reset and start the Autopilot Deployment.

After completing the Autopilot Deployment we now have the ability to do an Autopilot Reset in the Intune Console.

With the Convert all targerted devices to Autopilot option you can easily convert corporate owned devices without the need to import any data.

NB! All corporate owned, non-Autopilot devices in assigned groups will register with the Autopilot deployment service.