System Center Configuration Manager – Setting up High Availability


Now back on our Primary Server we are ready to start the Install of the Passive Node on the new site Server. Go to Administration select Site Configuration, Sites and select your Primary Site Server. Right Click on the Primary site Server and select “Create new Site System Server”

Add your new Site server Name and click next

Click Next again on the Proxy Tab. On the System Role Selection Select ” Site server in passive mode” and click Next

On the “Site Server in Passive Mode” screen you need to provide the install location of Sccm on the new site server. To keep things Uniform I like to keep it the same as my Active Primary Server.

Click Next and then close

Now that the Installation has started you can click on the Nodes tab at the bottom and you will see the Second node Status is Installing

To monitor the Install Progress you can go to the Monitoring tab in the Console and select the Site Server Status. Select the new Passive site server and click on show status to view the install Progress.

You can Also Monitor the ConfigMgrSetup.log file on the C: Drive of the New Site Server

When the Install is finished you can test your setup by Failing over to the Passive Node from the Administration, Site Configuration, Sites and selecting Primary Site. Click on the Nodes tab at the bottom and right-click on the Passive Server and click on Promote to Active

The final test you can do is connect your console to the New Site Server and also go and install the Console on the new Site Server because it doesn’t get installed by default.

To fail it back follow the same process but make the original server Active again


This is a Guide to setup New Passive Site System Server on your current Primary/CAS site server and will allow you to failover between two nodes in case of Failures to Servers or Maintenance. The guide only focuses on the SCCM side and not Database High availability

Thank for your time and I hope you found this Helpful.


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