Visual Studio Code – “The IDE you wished you had started using earlier”

I recently presented at Ignite The Tour Johannesburg and my topics were relating to managing your Azure Environment using better tools and also some tips and tricks. This was a revolutionary step to say none the less as I was going to have to present a tool that I wished I started using earlier – Visual Studio Code. So from a Premier Field Engineer, Azure Architect and IT Pro perspective, here is why you should look at VSCode.

Why should I use VSCode?

  • It works on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • You can use it with many different languages (from PowerShell to Python, Swift to TypeScript) and it will automatically detect the language and recommend extensions
The ARM Template viewer extension shows you what you are going to deploy with your Template
Terraform being recognized and Marketplace Extension recommended
  • Everything is in one place (using Github and Docker connected to your Azure Subscription, Executing PowerShell commands to update Infrastructure as Code, Using SSH to connect to your Linux boxes and exploring files and folders)
Docker running from PowerShell
Running PowerShell to configure Infrastructure
  • Thousands of extensions right from the Marketplace
Marketplace Recommendations
  • Use All your Terminals in one place
Clicking select default shell opens the Menu to all installed shells on your OS

You can access the control pane at any time by key combination “ctrl” “Shift” “p”.

Have fun exploring all these great features and as always correct me in any of the steps I might have been wrong in, I hope this information was valuable to you!


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