Quick Tip – Creating .pol files for local group policy

Have you ever needed to create a local group policy file for non-domain joined systems? You could use the PowerShell Group Policy module to create a policy and get the .pol file that way. However there is another way to do it if you have a Windows OS that doesn’t have any local group policy on it.

I recommend that you do this on a non-production system and this be done on a test VM that can be deleted if needed. Also do not delete or rename any files in the Windows directory.

Open up the Local Group Policy editor. Make the policy changes you want to make and then close it. Next go to C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy and then either User or Machine depending upon which policy you modified. Then just copy out the registry.pol file. There you have the policy file with the policies you changed. LGPO.exe can then be used to parse the policy file and verify that the changes you want to be made are in there. Once you are done just open up Local Group Policy and undo any changes you made.