Enable Remote Work for Organizations – Interview with Microsoft Services Expertise

With COVID-19 impacting people around the world, organizations everywhere are pivoting to remote work and putting the safety of their employees, customers, and communities first. Microsoft is clearly committed as a company to making public health our priority and doing what we can to address the economic and societal impact of COVID-19. And we also recognize the vital role that our technology plays in supporting people and organizations every day. Microsoft Services supports by rapidly deploy desktop and app virtualization solutions and ensures secure remote work through rapid identity and security enablement.

This diagram shows the remote work journey that you need to start and address each step to allow remote work and Microsoft is there to help you rapidly jump within this journey starting from identity and access till reach to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) that can allow your organization to deploy a WVD environment within a few days delivered by Microsoft Services, for more information contact your Microsoft Account Manager.

Andreas Rynes invited Ricardo de B Siqueira, Adam Gordon, and Vijay Oberoi from Microsoft Services to share their experience on how we as Microsoft can help organizations and empower teams with organizational agility and enable remote work. How to respond quickly to a changing environment, how to maintain security while working remotely and how to connect people so they can collaborate are key themes of our discussion See the interested interview video below to understand how Microsoft Service can help enabling Remote Work for Organizations:

Microsoft Services – Enable Remote Work with Windows Virtual Desktop

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Enjoy your Remote Work Journey and utilize great Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Cloud Solution, reach now to your Microsoft Account Manager.