Microsoft Sr. Project Manager approach to Technical Certification – AZ-900 – Week 1

AZ-900 Certification
Microsoft has a culture of continuous learning. As such there is a Technical Skills initiation that requires Microsoft Consulting Services to gain an additional technical skill such that they are able to be more impactful in their role. Even the Project Managers are held to that standard and requirement.

The following Blog will detail how I gain the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900 within the next 3 weeks. I will include what study materials I use, how I go about the learning path, and ultimately passing the Exam. Time isn’t on our side so, let’s get started.
  • Plan your time wisely. I plan to read the book, take the practice exams in the book at the end of the chapters, and then take exam simulations of AZ-900
  • PLAN YOUR TIME WISELY. In order for this plan to work you’ll need a regimented schedule, a place for quiet reading then converting that space for concentrated test taking
  • Since the book I’m using has only 4 chapters I’m planning to complete reading in a week, practice exams the next week and finally prepping for the real exam
  • I’m using the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Ref AZ-900, by Jim Cheshire, Microsoft Press and an exam simulator I bought on Ebay for $3.95 called, “Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Dump Test PDF Q&A + VCE Simulator”

Now that you have my preliminary thoughts and tools for how to get started during Week 1 you are ready to start your journey to certification. For Week 2, I will inform you how I moved to the next step to taking the certification exam, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900.

Week 1: Read book answer all end of chapter questions. BTW register the book and download the List of URL’s offered here: These links are very helpful for each chapter of the book and will give you additional muscle for the exam.

Microsoft Sr. Project Manager approach to Technical Certification – AZ-900 – Week 2

Time to start taking the Practice Exams after reading the book. If you haven’t already done so install the exam simulator (the recommended one or whatever you purchased). The next steps are quite simple. Take the exam and review the results. Please don’t be disappointed if you get a fail on the first try. This is expected. The key is to identify the areas where you are strong and weakest. Refer to the book and additional learning materials where you are weak then take the exam again.

I recommend that you repeat this cycle for at least 1 week until you consistently get a pass on your exam simulator. This is all you have to do in Week 2.

Microsoft Sr. Project Manager approach to Technical Certification – AZ-900 – Week 3

You’ve finally arrived at Week 3 and let’s recap your journey. In Week 1 your gathered all your materials, identified a quiet place to study, and you read the book cover to cover. Of course you reviewed the thought experiments at the end of each chapter and answered the thought experiment questions. In Week 2 you took the Exam Simulator, recognized your strengths and weaknesses, gained an understanding of the topics where you were weak, took the Exam again until you received Pass results consistently. Which brings you to Week 3.

Week 3: Schedule, sit for the Exam, and Pass!

I followed this procedure and passed on my first sitting for the Exam. Good Luck! Please leave me your feedback and the results from following these steps!