MDT Image Create and Capture Fails on Hyper-V Gen2 VM

Many organizations utilize Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) as an Image Factory to create a baseline image containing all standard applications in a single image to be imported and used for Operating System Deployments via systems like Configuration Manager. Virtual Machines are used to capture the image to ensure it is as clean as possible.

A problems you might run into during the image creation and capture process is that the Task Sequence will not start the image capture, but rather boot into Windows again after the Sysprep has completed and thus you would see the error “Can not find script file “C:\LTIBootstrap.vbs” as shown below.

When you test a “clean” Task Sequence without deploying any applications the error does not appear and the image is captured successfully. As seen below the Sysprep is executed and then WinPE is loaded for restart and the VM should restart in WinPE for the image capture.

Using Hyper-V Generation 2 virtual machines causes this issue and rather using a generation 1 virtual machine would resolve this issue.