Tip: Setting a Delay on Sending Outlook Emails

Look, I realize this is not an Azure Sentinel-related blog post from me (which is rare, I know), but I came across a nugget of value today that I thought would be excellent to share. Talking with one of my favorite CSAMs, she just casually glossed over something that she does regularly (and is brilliant for doing so) – but it took me by surprise in the fact that I’ve never thought of it before. Many of you may already do this and I’m just late to the dance, but still, if I was clueless about it there may be others. So here you go…

Have you ever hit the Send button on an email and then realized you hadn’t included all the applicable individuals, or included all the pertinent information, or maybe there was a slight error in the verbiage? Or, maybe you want to halt delivery of the email altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a short period of time to be able to modify or stop delivery of that email?

By setting up a Outlook client deferral rule you can do this. Here’s how…

In Outlook, click to Add a New Rule.

In Step 1, choose to Apply the rule on sent messages, as shown in the next image.

Apply rule on sent messages

In the next step of the wizard just click the Next button without setting specific Conditions.

Click Next to apply the rule to all emails

Then, on the Action(s) step, select the Deferral option, then configure how many minutes you want outbound delivery services to wait before actually sending the email.

Set deferral time

On the Exception(s) step, you may want to provide an exception based on Importance (this is what I do). For example, if I need an email to be sent right away – based on how I have it configured – I set the Importance to High – otherwise all other email is delayed by 1 minute.

Set the exception for the rule

Finally, just give the new Rule an informative name.

That’s it! Now when you send an email, you’ll have a short period of time to be able to modify the email or halt deliver altogether.