How to Link to Related Workbooks within the Current Azure Sentinel Workbook

Here’s a quick one.

I had a customer request where they wanted to replicate the capability of another product. In this other product links are generated to related resources within the system.

While I can’t currently offer that these links can be auto-generated, we do have the ability within Workbooks to create custom links to other Workbooks (or other resources).

To create links to other Workbooks, do this…

With the Workbook in Edit mode, select to Add a new Add links/tabs component.

Add links/tabs

Next start filling in the required fields (Link text, Action (URL), and Value (actual link)).

Fill in required fields

To get the Workbook links, you’ll need to open that other Workbooks choose the Share option and copy the provided link.

Get the Workbook link

The following is what this might look like…

Related ‘other’ Workbooks

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