How to Use HTML and Markdown in Azure Sentinel Incident Comments

Just recently the Azure Sentinel team has added the capability for customers to use HTML and Markdown in the Comment section of Incidents. And, to ensure that there’s enough room for the additional content, the comments field has been expanded to support 3,000 characters (1,000 was the default limit).

This gives customer the ability to provide immediate value for documenting with additional context and the capability to view the context in a more meaningful way.

The following screen capture shows what this looks like…

Better format for commenting

And, the following is the code for what’s shown in the image for you to test in an Incident of your own…

<h2>This is a valuable link reference to monitoring for Zerologon</h2>

[How to Monitor Compliant and Non-compliant Systems for Zerologon Using Azure Sentinel](

    <th>Located by</th>
    <th>Submitted by</th>

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UPDATE, October 2, 2020: This should now be available for everyone.

P.S. This feature is just rolling out so if it’s not available yet in your tenant – as Ace Ventura has famously said – “…just wait longer.”