Achieving SOC Operational Efficiency for Azure Sentinel Hunting – the Replay

I had a fantastic time delivering this session yesterday for the Microsoft Cloud and Client Management Community (@mc2mcbe). This is the final version (until I update it with new information) of this session – which is the first in a series efficiency sessions I’m developing Azure Sentinel. So stay tuned for more.

I believe at one point we may have had a complete 150 attendees or so during the event. That’s awesome and amazing. But, it was an wonderful event that saw myself, Yuri Diogenes (@yuridiogenes), Heike Ritter (@HeikeRitter), and Michael Van Horenbeeck (@vanhybrid).

I want to thank the folks that run and managed the Microsoft Cloud and Client Management Community and the members that participate. It’s very well organized, relaxed, and a lot of fun. If you’re not a member of this fine group, or haven’t participated in any of their events, you should definitely look into it. I hope to participate with this group again soon.

The replay for my session is already available. So, here you go…enjoy!

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