Run a Configuration Manager Package / Program at every logon for a user.

Recently I was working with a customer who requirement to have a Toast Notification pop up every time a user logged into their computer for a pending Windows 10 Feature Update.

They decided to leverage the functionality of Toast Notification using Windows 10 Toast Notification Script – which allows for everything they needed, customized text, personalized greeting, the ability to snooze the reminder and it can be used with Configuration Manager. Now we just had to figure out how to display this every time a user logs on to their computer after the Feature Update is deployed.

Now, I won’t go into how to configure the Toast Notification Script or create the Package or Program as this would be outside the scope of this blog post and I will post that later, but will focus on the scheduling options required to have it run every time a user logs on and not just once, as this turned out to be not as straight forward but makes perfect sense.

Setup the Deployment

If you setup the Deployment with a simple assignment schedule of “Log on” with a Rerun behavior of “Always rerun program” as seen below, the Program will execute the next time a user logs onto the Computer, but will only execute once per user.

Deployment Options with only Log on Schedule

To have the Program execute for every logon you need to have a reoccurring schedule for the Package in addition to the “Log on” option, so we added a Monthly reoccurring schedule as seen below.

Deployment Options with Log on and Reoccurring schedule.

Now, every time a user logs on to the Computer the Program is executed.

Reviewing this it does make perfect sense as with only the “Log on” option, although you would think it is every logon, how would you make it so it only occurred once or once per user? By adding the reoccurring schedule, you are telling ConfigMgr you want this to run more than once for each user.

I know this is a specialty use case using “Log on”, as this is the first time I have had to do this, but now that I know this – it is a great way to use the Toast Notifications.