Upcoming Webinar: A Day in the Life of an Azure Sentinel Analyst

Azure Sentinel has change – a LOT – since that original delivery of “A Day in the Life of an Azure Sentinel Analyst.” So much so that it’s definitely time for a bit of a refresh.

So, just a heads-up, I’ll be refreshing this session and delivering it as a Microsoft Tech Talk on February 12, 2021 and 1:00pm-2:30pm CST.

You can register to attend at the following link: Practical Azure Sentinel : A Day in the Life of a Sentinel Analyst

It’s only an hour and a half session but if I can just STOP TALKING in enough time, we’ll still only have a short time for Q&A, but feel free to bring your burning Azure Sentinel questions. It’s inevitable that I’ll work in some Six Million Dollar Man references, too – so listen for that.


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