New Azure Sentinel Learning Modules Released

I noted just a month or so ago that a Learning Path for Azure Sentinel was made available just in time for the Christmas season. What better way to spend the holiday than to stack up your Azure Sentinel product knowledge, right?

Maybe I’m just too geeky, but personally I spent my holiday going through all the modules. I have to admit, though, I work with Azure Sentinel so much and so often I was able to breeze through all the modules. I feel very fortunate to have the knowledge I do with this product.

But, guess what? The Learning teams were not done. There’s more.

Jump out to the following link and you’ll find that the Learning Path has now grown to 28 modules:

One of those modules I absolutely geeked out on today. In fact, (shhhh) I was late to a customer call because I couldn’t stop until it was completed. The module? If you know me, you probably already guessed it:

SC-200 part 4: Create queries for Azure Sentinel using Kusto Query Language (KQL)



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