Azure Sentinel Weekly Newsletter

I’ve sensed this for a while now, but a few days ago it really hit me — this Azure Sentinel community is strong and thriving. It’s growth is organic. As a person who knows and has experience in the area of community, if you want to be on the ground level of something that will absolutely be important, this is the area and this is the time.

The way this community is embracing this product and sharing content and knowledge selfishly is overwhelming and harkens back to the early days of some very significant communities including entities like myITforum, MMS, TechEd, and The Krewe.

A few weeks ago, I was confronted by multiple customers almost simultaneously about needing better methods to stay up-to-date with what’s new with Azure Sentinel (features, capabilities, etc.) along with attempting to expose and collect good resources for continued learning. I already send updates and notes through email to my customers here at Microsoft. They appreciate the extra work it takes to gather and share good information. But, what the this group was looking for was something more akin to community driven sources.

As some of you know, I’ve created and delivered quite a few newsletters during my time. In the hey-day of myITforum, we were delivering over 60k newsletters a day. And, despite what you may think, there’s still a lot of value and power in a good newsletter.

I launched a poll on Twitter a week or so ago to get a sense if a newsletter would work and if it was something that would be worthwhile. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

So here we go…

Thanks to Rich Hay (my good friend who I used to work with at WindowsITPro) there’s a service called Revue that Twitter just acquired. It’s actually pretty slick. I sent out the first test newsletter today and it’s really nice. It’s going to work out great.

You can get a quick view of what it looks like (so far) here:

Next week, I’ll be more prepared and have a bit more time to expose more and better information. But, after just a brief mention of it today, there’s already a slew of people signed-up for it.

To sign-up, go here:

If you opt not to receive the newsletter in your inbox, you can still view it on the web. It automatically shares to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn when it’s scheduled for distribution.

My goal is to deliver this every Friday.


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