Azure Automanage – Simplify and optimize IT management with automated operations


Automanage is the latest approach of managing your virtual machines with optimized, automated operations across the entire VM lifecycle. This is a service that eliminates the need to discover, know how to onboard, and how to configure certain services in Azure that would benefit your virtual machine.

Major Benefits:

The major benefits of using Automanage are:

  • Intelligently onboards virtual machines to select best practices Azure services
  • Automatically configures each service per Azure best practices
  • Monitors for drift and corrects for it when detected
  • Provides a simple experience (point, click, set, forget)
Managing VM Lifecycle – Azure Automanage

This eliminates the need of looking into each of these services separately and ensuring that all is put in place for vm’s as per best practices. Managing the entire vm lifecycle becomes quite easy using Automanage as this can be onboarded with automation and can be managed all together from Automanage dashboard in the portal.

IAC Patterns for Deployment:

ARM code block –

Create Automanage
Associate VM’s

Few Important Points to Note:

  • If you need the Vm to be associated with existing/dedicated log analytics and rsv and then it needs to be created first and associated with dedicated resources and then Automanage can be created and associated with the vm. In case of new vm Automanage itself creates new log analytics and rsv automatically and point the vm’s to those.
  • Automanage supports VM’s created in the following regions as of now – Azure Automanage for virtual machines | Microsoft Docs
  • You would need different RBAC roles depending on whether you are enabling Automanage with a new Automanage account
  • If you are enabling Automanage with a new Automanage account:

    • Owner role on the subscription(s) containing your VMs, or
    • Contributor and User Access Administrator roles on the subscription(s) containing your VMs

    If you are enabling Automanage with an existing Automanage account:

    • Contributor role on the resource group containing your VMs


    Azure Automanage for Virtual Machines


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