How to Get UEBA Costs for Microsoft Sentinel

The cost for UEBA is nominal and based on the amount of data that is analyzed. Your costs will vary depending on several factors. However, the following KQL query can be used to get the estimated cost of the solution.

union withsource=TableName1 *
| where TimeGenerated > ago(30d) //In the last 30 days
| summarize Entries = count(), Size = sumif(_BilledSize, _IsBillable == true), last_log = datetime_diff("second", now(), max(TimeGenerated)), estimate  = sumif(_BilledSize, _IsBillable == true)  by TableName1, _IsBillable
| project ['Table Name'] = TableName1, ['Table Size'] = Size, ['% of Total GiB'] = (Size / (1024 * 1024 * 1024)) / 10.04 * 100, ['IsBillable'] = _IsBillable, ['Last Record Received'] =  last_log, ['Estimated Table Price'] =  (estimate / (1024 * 1024 * 1024)) * 4.0 //Cost may be different. Then, alter the 4.0
| where ['Table Name'] == "BehaviorAnalytics" or ['Table Name'] == "IdentityInfo" or ['Table Name'] == "UserAccessAnalytics" or ['Table Name'] == "UserPeerAnalytics" //The four data tables utilized by UEBA
| serialize TotalCost=row_cumsum(['Estimated Table Price']) //This starts at the bottom result row and adds all table prices for a final TotalCost value at the top
| order by ['Table Size']  desc

This is something I slapped together quickly and is a work in progress.

The latest version of this KQL query will always be located at:

This query takes the billable results of the four UEBA tables (BehaviorAnalytics, IdentityInfo, UserAccessAnalytics, and UserPeerAnalytics) and then also adds a Total Cost column. The top value in the results will show the sum of costs.

Total Costs column


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