Is it Time for an Analyst Assistant for Azure Sentinel?

Just a fun little blog post. Nothing serious here, just wanted to bring some joy into your life.

I posted earlier about our new Incident Response Playbooks. These are awesome. And, if more of these are made available consistently, SOCs will have a great resource with which to build policies, procedures, and workflows specific to certain threats.

So, the guides are valuable. But, what if we took it a step further and built these directly into our solutions and outfitted them with a little AI?

Here’s a few ideas of what this might look like. Too much?

(click each image for a larger view to get the full effect)

Cortana Resurrected

Clippy’s Last Stand (really, this time)

Do you believe in magic?

Tay’s tough love

Have some ideas of your own and access to imaging editing software? I’d love to see what you come up with. Hit me up on Twitter (@rodtrent) and include the #AzureSentinel hashtag.


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