All the Microsoft Ninja Training I Know About

There’s been a big rush of new interest in Microsoft security certifications recently. There’s some fantastic Learn modules (the SC series) created to help those seeking certifications, but these are great sources of knowledge training by themselves.

But a lot of you have shown interest in the “Ninja” training that’s been put together by our product teams. There’s been so much interest, I decided to go down that route and complete them all myself to figure out what you’ve all been raving about.

Someone asked recently about where all of these are located and I realized the links might be valuable to others, so here they are…

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps:

Defender for Endpoint:

Defender for Identity:

Microsoft 365 Defender:

Defender for Office 365:

Microsoft Sentinel:

Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks Ninja:

Microsoft Sentinel Automation Ninja:

Microsoft Defender for Cloud:

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence:

Azure Network Security:

Microsoft Defender for IoT:

Microsoft Purview Information Protection:

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery:

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention:

Microsoft Compliance Manager (MSCM):

Communication Compliance:

Insider Risk Management:

Must Learn KQL:

Virtual Ninja Training:

Did I miss any? Let me know.

EXTRA: Do you know why the trainings are labeled “Ninja” trainings instead of something like “Samurai” trainings? I mean, in feudal Japan, the Ninja was a miscreant, while the Samurai was an honorable warrior.

Well, then – it’s not what you think.

Ofer, the Principal Product Manager of Azure Sentinel and the person who created the very first Ninja training resource, laid the story out plainly. “Ninja” is the name of his daughter’s cat! Read the story:


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