Elephant Poop and MCAS on the Microsoft Security Insights Podcast and Live Twitch Stream

I’m guest-hosting the Microsoft Security Insights podcast for the next couple weeks while is Edward is off galivanting and you know I like to make things extra special when I’m on.

This next week, just prior to digging into Microsoft security topics with our guest, Sarahzin Shane – a PM for MCAS, I’ll be tasting the most expensive coffee in the world live, on-air.

What is the most expensive coffee in the world?

A lot of folks have heard about cat coffee – or Kopi Luwak. Essentially, there’s an Asian cat called the Palm Civet that eats coffee beans and then someone follows these cats around, pulls the coffee beans from the cat’s poop, then roast them and sells them as a coffee delicacy.

Well, this week, I’m taking it one step further. Apparently, elephants have one-upped the feline coffee factory. Essentially, someone does the same thing, but with elephants.

You can check it out here’s: https://amzn.to/2Szsndw

I have ordered this coffee and am prepared to consume it live on our show this Wednesday.

Once I’m done trying this strange brew we’ll dig into the power of Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) with one of my oldest Microsoft FTE friends, Sarahzin Shane. When I first started with Microsoft a couple years back, Sarahzin was managing a customer I delivered one of my first Azure Sentinel workshops for. It’ll be awesome to catch-up, but also hear how she is getting along and what we can expect from MCAS.

The Microsoft Security Insights podcast is a weekly event, happening each Wednesday evening at 6pm EST. You can join live with the Twitch stream (highly recommended), or catch the replay with audio on from the Podcast page or the video on Twitch. Keep in mind, though, the Twitch TV replay is only available for a couple weeks after the live event.

Podcast page: Microsoft Security Insights

Twitch TV: MicrosoftSecurityInsights – Twitch

Read more about “poop” coffee: Poop Coffee – The Story of Kopi Luwak Coffee (kopiluwakdirect.com)

P.S. No animals will be harmed in the tasting of this coffee


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