Replay Available: Cicadas and Microsoft Defender for Identity on the Microsoft Security Insights Podcast

Edward was out again this week so I filled in, helping as a guest-host once again.

The discussion was wonderful and I learned a heap about Microsoft Defender for Identity, including some things I’ve been asked about by customers recently. Now, I can go back to those customers and sound really cool and intelligent.

I want to thank our fantastic product manager guest, Yoann Mallet, for his time and awesome coverage of MDI.

If you missed the live event, the Twitch.TV stream is still available for the next 10 days here:

Oh…and about the cicada…

If you’re any bit squeamish, you might avoid the end of the show.

The live podcast runs on Twitch every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm-7:30pm EST. The audio portion is released each Monday on the podcast’s website.

Live Twitch stream:

Microsoft Security Insights website:

BTW: If you missed this week — shame on you. Sarahzin was awesome talking about MCAS. You can still catch that here: Replay: Sarahzin Shane, MCAS and Elephant Made Coffee on the Microsoft Security Insights Podcast – Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (


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