Not to Miss: Azure Sentinel Costs and Costs Management Webinar

Talking with the customers regularly, I spend the first few minutes showing them the goodness and value of a cloud-based, hybrid and multi-cloud SIEM. Azure Sentinel is a SIEM+SOAR service that is growing quickly and customers are thoroughly interested.

But, after that first few minutes of discussion and demo, the conversation always turns to cost. And, it should. Those that are coming from a similar tool have been bitten too many times by contract lock-in and soaring costs. We have a great story here and I believe its time to deliver it publicly.

If this is something that is also of interest to you, your organization, or your own customers, we have a webinar coming up on June 24th that should prove to be one of the best in the bunch.

Azure Sentinel | Cost Management in Azure Sentinel-Getting the most for your investment

Jun 24th, 2021 – 08:00-09:00 AM in PST

As organizations continue to adopt cloud computing in place of legacy on-prem based infrastructure, there has also been a shift in the cost paradigm. Azure Sentinel is no exception to this shift. Join us for this webinar to get a detailed understanding of which components are billable, which ones are not, how to gain visibility into your costs, as well as tools and recommendations to help you optimize your spending on Azure Sentinel.
Presenters: Innocent Wafula & Jeremy Tan.

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This webinar is also important as it will detail our recent pricing changes and new commitment tiers. You an always dig through the Azure Sentinel costs yourself, but why not let us tell you about them. I hope to see you there.

For the full Microsoft security Summer webinar series schedule go HERE.


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