July 14: Thomas Maurer on Azure Arc for the Microsoft Security Insights Podcast and Twitch Stream

A couple weeks back during the Microsoft Security Insights Podcast, the topic of Azure Arc came up in reference to the new AMA client that uses DCRs to help filter the Windows events collected from on-prem servers and sent to the Log Analytics workspace for Azure Sentinel.

At the time, I suggested Thomas Maurer would be a great resource to discuss Azure Arc with the Microsoft Security Insights podcast audience. Thomas and I have a history together. I used to managed and run a popular conference called IT/Dev Connections. Thomas was one of my speakers.

Most folks know Thomas. Thomas is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and is generally considered an expert on Azure Arc. He writes and talks about this technology constantly. Additionally, Thomas is a very recent first-time father.

So, its with great excitement to announce that Thomas will be our guest this week on the podcast and the live Twitch.TV stream.

The live podcast runs on Twitch every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm-7:30pm EST. The audio portion is released each Monday on the podcast’s website.

Live Twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/microsoftsecurityinsights

Microsoft Security Insights website: https://microsoftsecurityinsights.com/


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